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Clonix41 - Seth Morabito - 09-05-2007

Since I've become an avid HP-41(C|CV|CX) user and collector, I would love to buy a Clonix41 module.

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how :) The Internet has failed me.

Are they still available? Is Mr. Diego Diaz still a member of this forum? I have not seen anything posted by him in quite some time.

Re: Clonix41 - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 09-05-2007

Here's the link to Diego's Clonix page. There you will find his e-mail address.


Re: Clonix41 - Seth Morabito - 09-05-2007

Dear Massimo,

Grazie! I will write to Diego right away.

Re: Clonix41 - Diego Diaz - 09-15-2007

Hi Seth, Massimo...

I was on vacation for the last 4 weeks, sorry for the delay... now alikve and kicking... ;-)

Contact me thru the mail on this forum if you prefer.

Massimo, it seems that your link to my page is a bit obsolete, please update to:


Thanks a lot and best wishes.


Re: Clonix41 - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 09-15-2007

Massimo, it seems that your link to my page is a bit obsolete(...)

Hi Diego! Too many computers with too many browsers and so many links... I had both bookmarked and chose the wrong one!

Thank you,