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Classic Calculators in the UK? - Bruce Bergman - 08-30-2007

Just found this site by accident, while I was looking for a very specific HP part. Never heard of them before. I see they are selling the HP-35s over in the UK too. Does anyone know anything about them, or has anyone purchased anything from them before?

Classic Calculators


Re: Classic Calculators in the UK? - Fred Lusk - 08-30-2007


I'm in California and have never ordered from Classic Calculators. However, several years ago they ran a contest through their website. The top prize was a BNIB HP-41CX, one out of a bunch they had found in a warehouse. I ended up winning the third prize, which was an HP-10B. It arrived in less than a week, which is better service than some U.S. vendors I have dealt with.


Re: Classic Calculators in the UK? - Chris Dean - 08-31-2007

I have used Classic Calculators to buy a number of HP calculators and have found them to be a very helpful and reliable company to deal with. They provide a good fast service and if you are a UK resident they can deliver next day if the item is in stock. They even have free delivery on the HP35S for UK on-line orders.

Chris Dean (no association with the company Classic Calculators)