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A small cosmetic flaw - Walter B - 08-28-2007

Don't know whether anyone noticed and mentioned this before: On my 35s, the linear regression menu is printed L.R instead of L.R. as it should be. Could that have been the minor cosmetic issue HP stopped delivery for some weeks ago? Are there any HP35s with the correct print?

Re: A small cosmetic flaw - Vincze - 08-28-2007

Guten Abend mein Freund Walter. I look on both of my calculators (one pre production stop, and one post), and both have L.R just like you indicate.

Edited: 28 Aug 2007, 5:25 p.m.

Re: A small cosmetic flaw - Dan Greil - 08-28-2007

I purchased my 35s from HP Home and Office after the recall and my key has "L.R" so I doubt that was the subject of the recall.


Re: A small cosmetic flaw - Trent Moseley - 08-28-2007

I suppose serial numbers would be the best way to start. My 35s lacks the requisite period, serial no: CNA 72104035.