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HP-41C Handbook - HrastProgrammer - 08-14-2007

I just found the following links (by accident):



Wow! Really impressive work ...

Re: HP-41C Handbook - Howard Owen - 08-14-2007

Wow! Really impressive work ...

I'll say! Those aren't scanned pages, but styled HTML that looks very, very close to the original.

I wonder they would mind me (or the museum) mirroring those pages?


Re: HP-41C Handbook - Randy - 08-14-2007

That must have been done with an automated system, quite impressive.

I'd love to know what software was used. Extensive use of HTML frames but there is a fair amount of CSS used as well - all in all, a very curious mix.

Edit add PS: Even the HP red grid logo is done with a table instead of an image. It was out of proportion so I started looking. Perhaps is was a manual effort after all. The date shown in the page headers is 2004/2005.

Edited: 14 Aug 2007, 10:34 a.m.

Re: HP-41C Handbook - Howard Owen - 08-14-2007

If you back up to the top of the site, you'll find a change log for the manuals. It all sounds like a by-hand coding effort, and quite painstaking too. What people won't do for the love of these old machines!


Re: HP-41C Handbook - Bohemia House - 08-14-2007

It's a great page!!!

Re: HP-41C Handbook - Thomas Okken - 08-14-2007

Impressive, indeed. I was tempted at one point to give the HP-42S manual the same treatment, but as long as HP don't release those manuals into the public domain, there's the risk that such a project would never reach its intended audience. I notice that the word "permission" is conspicuously absent from Mr. Groenendijk's site.

- Thomas

Re: HP-41C Handbook - Kevin Kitts - 08-14-2007

I actually found this site a year ago - I exchanged an e-mail or two with the person that created the documents - a very friendly guy. He was of the opinion that the fair use laws of the country that he resided in allowed the creation of these documents - but he would not release the documents in a way that could be easily downloaded for fear of violating the copyright laws of other countries.

I offer no opinion on any of the above as IANAL. ;-)

They are beautiful manuals though aren't they.

Any if you want to read them "offline" there are these things called "spiders" ;-)

Re: HP-41C Handbook - Geir Isene - 08-14-2007

... or simply wget :)