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HP 48GX ON key - Marco Luna - 08-08-2007

Hi, I have a HP 48GX that helped me throw collage so you must have an idea how please I’m with this calculator. For several reasons I had to put it away for a couple of years and now that I need it I found that my ON/CANCEL key isn’t working. I have already try the key test and failed. The only way I can make it work is If I apply a lot of pressure and in some times work and others doesn’t. I leave in Mexico and HP had told me that they do not have services for calculators. I believe that if I open it and clean the pad the problem is going to be solve, but… I don’t know how to open it or if it’s a good idea. Can some one help me. GRACIAS!

Re: HP 48GX ON key - Vincze - 08-08-2007

Good afternoon Marco. Have you tried to adjust contrast on calculator? Maybe it reset itself when sitting so long and need to adjust contrast. I believe I remember reading that if you turn on and then hold ON and + (plus key) it make contrast darker, and ON and - (minus key) it make it lighter.

Also, stupid question, but have you tried new battery? Does the ((*)) stay lit on the display?

Re: HP 48GX ON key - bill platt - 08-08-2007

Try gently pressing on the faceplate just above the "F" key, and then press "ON". If this makes it work, then do a search of the Archives here to learn more about it.



Re: HP 48GX ON key - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 08-08-2007

Hello Marco,
have a look at this thread too...


Re: HP 48GX ON key - Marco Luna - 08-10-2007


Its not the contrast, actually is in excellent setting (you are correct ON + plus key it make it darker and the other way around). The problem is that some times it works fine the button (ON/CACEL) and some time it doesn’t respond at all. I haven’t figured it out if a lot of pressure makes or not a difference. Batteries are new and the clac except this problem is working fine. Thanks for your reply.

Re: HP 48GX ON key - Marco Luna - 08-10-2007

Prego Massimo,

It was very helpful, know I have to find courage to open my HP. I will let you know how did it went.

Re: HP 48GX ON key - Marco Luna - 08-10-2007


It doesn’t make any differences. Thanks!

Re: HP 48GX ON key - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 08-10-2007

Ciao Marco,
actually you don't have to open it up: just check if the metal bezel around the ON key is loose or bent so that it stucks the key down.


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