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W&W Rambox battery change? - Dave Colver - 07-31-2007

Hi All
Any ideas on changing the battery on a W&W Rambox please?
Its been unplugged for some years so I dont have much hope of recovering the OS.

Carefully parting the upper 3 circuit boards from the battery/connector board reveals the huge cr2450E cell mounted on a board that appears to run down to the finger connectors. Is there enough flexibility in the board to grasp the board and just pull or is there another technique?

Thanks in advance

Re: W&W Rambox battery change? - Tony Duell - 08-01-2007

Is this the one in the card reader case?

If so, you can unclip the top part of the HP41 connector section (after separating the case and removing the upper PCBs). Then the bottom board just lifts out.

It's the same as removing the main PCB from an HP41 card reader if you've ever done that.

Alternatively, if you can wait just over a week, bring it to the next HPCC meeting and I'll show you.

Re: W&W Rambox battery change? - Dave Colver - 08-01-2007

Hello Tony
I just knew I should have asked you first :)
Actually I managed to get around to testing the battery and its 3.06v - so much for assumptions eh? (Pretty impressive for a 20 year old battery) Now to see if the OS is hiding in there somewhere. I just found the English translation of the W&W manual too which i must scan for posterity :)