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Home made calculator - Ricardo Guerreiro (Argentina) - 07-24-2007

In this forum, it was discussed several times the feasability of a home made calculator. The conclusion was that electronics are the easy part, and the case the difficult part.
¿Could it change in the near future?
Take a look at
www.fabathome.org, or www.reprap.org

If this technology arrives to a happy end, everyone could have a totally personalized calculator, according to their own desires (or necesities).


Re: Home made calculator - DaveJ - 07-24-2007

You can already do this yourself with the eMachineShop software http://www.emachineshop.com/
Just choose the "rapid prototype" option, push a button, and your prototype case comes to you in the mail.


Re: Home made calculator - Alfredo Pinkus (Argentina) - 07-24-2007

Hi Ricardo
Trate de enviarte un mensaje para dejarte mi correo pero todavía no me habilitaron esa posibilidad. Me interesa contactarme con personas en Argentina que participan del foro ya que no creo que seamos muchos.

Fijate si podes enviarme vos un mensaje.

Un cordial saludo

Re: Home made calculator - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 07-25-2007

Home made calculators have been built since 1972, when the first kits became available.
If you are really into it, I'd suggest to grab some old TMS0105-based calculators with Klixon keyboard and desolder them, pick up an existing PCB layout and modify it to your needs. As the keyboard is the hardest part, the robust Klixon keyboard eleminates one of the most difficult parts in the construction.
Case tooling is available online, or you might want to try on of those "instant molding" kits...

Re: Home made calculator - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 07-26-2007

Pueden ver mis datos en el Memories Forum...
(You can see my data in the Memories Forum)