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Dual HP-IL adapter for HP-71B - Olivier (Wa) - 07-24-2007

I just came accross this Dual HP-IL adapter HP82402A for HP-71B. Does anyone know what it is and what its purpose is ?

Re: Dual HP-IL adapter for HP-71B - Rodger Rosenbaum - 07-25-2007

It allows two HPIL modules to be controlled by a single HP71.

As an example of its use, one could connect an RS-232 adapter to one of the HPIL modules, and some other device to the other. Then the output of a debugger (say) could be sent to a monitor connected to the RS-232, while the other device performance could be tested with the debugger, completely independent of the IL loop sending debugger output to the monitor.

Re: Dual HP-IL adapter for HP-71B - Garth Wilson - 07-26-2007

Since you can put dozens, even hundreds, of things on one IL at the same time, the reason I was given for the dual IL module is that you could have the 71 be the controller on one loop and a device on the other at the same time. I think the maximum I've had on the IL at once was six or seven devices.

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