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82240A maintenance? - Seth Morabito - 07-19-2007

I picked up an 82240A printer for $35 last weekend at a swap meet. It's in good functional shape, and seems to work fine, but since it's mechanical, I'm curious if there's any kind of maintenance I should perform on it? Print head cleaning, lubrication? I couldn't find the maintenance manual on the MoHPC DVD, and the user's manual didn't have anything to say on the subject.

So far I'm pleased, it works fine with my HP 50g, 48gx, and of course my 48sx. I don't (yet!) have a 28s or 42s to try it out on, but soon... soon...

Re: 82240A maintenance? - Allen - 07-19-2007

You can pick them up on certain websites which encourage capitalism for around that price. I would suggest if it breaks that is not worth your time to fix. The only exception would be the chrome tabs in the battery box.. Keep them clean, as they are prone to corrosion, and very easy to replace if they do become damaged (if you can find clean replacements).

Eventually the feed motor will go out, but for all the fine screws, replacement parts, risk of further damage... buy another 82240A or get a used 82240B for the same price. See other discussions here on the difference.