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HP 12c - Ryan M. Lauper - 07-18-2007

My calculator does not calculate accurately. In the display the word "Begin" appears at the bottom. I am not sure if this is part of the problem or not. Two questions: How do I remove the "Begin" from the display? How do I reset my calculator so that it computes accurately?

Re: HP 12c - Maximilian Hohmann - 07-18-2007


How do I remove the "Begin" from the display?

Press 'g' and 'End' (shifted '8').

How do I reset my calculator so that it computes accurately?

If the problem is related to financial calculations, pressing 'f' and 'Clear Fin' (shifted 'x<>' key) at the beginning of a new calculation should help.

The manual contains information about several tests that can be performed to check the correct operation of the calculator.

Greetings, Max

Re: HP 12c - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 07-18-2007

Hi, Ryan;

Maximilian has already answered both questions of yours, but I am still curious about what calculations did you carry out with the HP12C so it gave you wrong answers. If you still have problems, would you care for posting some details? Problem description and keystroke sequences, if applicable?

Thanks and success.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: HP 12c - Jim Creybohm - 07-19-2007

One possible source of your wrong answers could be the fact that BEGIN was in the display. If I recall correctly (don't have the manual), begin refers to the date at the BEGINning of the pay period, or the END of the pay period.

For example, if you are calculating your mortgage payments, you could carry an extra month's interest at say 150 000 dollars at say 6%, because you choose to make the payment at the END of your interval.

EG w/ BEGIN FV=0, PV=150 000, n=25*12, i=6/12 PMT=-961.64
w/ END PMT=-966.45

Hope this helps a little bit.....