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hp 11c trouble shooting - Gerald Klitz - 07-17-2007

Hello and good morning, after several years of flawless use my 11c is acting up. Somehow I managed to accedently hit the user key and the display continously flashes 0.0000 user, I have removed the batteries several times tried new batteries and a static discharge across the battery terminals via a paperclip and my 11c continues with 0.0000 user flashing in a rapid pattern and I can not turn the machine on or off.
I use this 11c on an almost daily basic and would be lost without it, does anyone on this forum know how to correct this problem.

Gerald Klitz

Re: hp 11c trouble shooting - Mike Ingle - 07-18-2007

With power off, hold down ON. Press and hold - (subtract.) Release ON. Release -. It should say "Pr Error."

Now turn it off and do same sequence with X (multiply) instead of subtract. It should say running then light all segments, meaning the calculator is good.

Test the keyboard: turn off, ON and divide, then press all keys left to right then top to bottom, pressing Enter once in each row. It should display 11 at the end.


Re: hp 11c trouble shooting - Mike Ingle - 07-18-2007

If you cannot turn it off, leave the batteries out overnight and make sure no keys are stuck down.