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HP-35S vectors - Antonio Maschio (Italy) - 07-16-2007

Hi, sorry if this has already been treated, but I've been away for a week and something happened in the meantime, and I didn't find an answer in the Forum.

About vectors, a 2D vector like


is accepted? It's matrix, of course.

And is it admitted a division like

[c1,c2] / [[a11,a12],[a21,a22]]?

This would solve linear systems.

Sorry, I don't have a HP-35S to play with, and living in Italy only God (and some guys at HP) know when it will available. And sorry again if this is quite a stupid question (not so for the HP-15C)

Greeting and good holidays!

-- Antonio

Re: HP-35S vectors - Gene Wright - 07-16-2007

Nope vectors cannot be nested and can only contain real numbers.

You can have:

[ 3 , 4 ]


[ 5 , 6 , 7 ]

No nested vectors and no complex numbers in vectors.

Re: HP-35S vectors - Antonio Maschio (Italy) - 07-16-2007

So 2D and 3D mean [a11,a12] and [a11,a12,a13]?

And if I had a vector containing 10 elements?

-- Antonio

Re: HP-35S vectors - Gene Wright - 07-16-2007

Vectors can only contain either 2 elements or 3 elements. If you have more than that, you cannot use the 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional vector abilities of the HP 35s.

Re: HP-35S vectors - Walter B - 07-16-2007

Buon giorno Antonio,

AFAIK the 35s does only support real vectors with 2 and 3 components. In parallel, you may only solve simultaneous linear equations with 2 or 3 unknowns using its standard features. This is *no* full vector and matrix support like in HP42s. Remember the 35s shall be the successor of the 33s, 32sii and 32s (in reverse order), not of the 42s. So no way for your vector in 10-dimensional space-time. But you may try to program.

Re: HP-35S vectors - Antonio Maschio (Italy) - 07-16-2007

Of course...

Thanks, everyone.

-- Antonio