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HP35s: just ordered mine! - Alain Mellan - 07-12-2007

HP already takes order on the web site, and the shipping date is 7/17...

Can't wait!

-- alain.

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Dave Johnson - 07-12-2007

Same here, ordered 2, one for me and one for my son!

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Mark W Paris - 07-12-2007

Can you post the URL? The only thing I see says, "Coming soon
Please check back soon."

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Seth Morabito - 07-12-2007

Hello Mark,

I wasn't able to find an "add to cart" link either, until I went to the "Training and Modules" page.

The link to buy the calculator can be found here:


I've ordered mine! With some luck, it'll be here next week. If not, I can be patient (really!)

Re: HP35s: Thanks -- that did it. - Paul Brogger - 07-12-2007

(Imagine: impatiently waiting, strumming fingers on desk . . . )

And, re: talking to salespeople --
If I've got it right, these online orders are being taken as "pre-orders" by H-P's Medium & Small Business unit. (Or is that "Small & Medium"?) The salesperson I talked to tossed that off as if it was a known quirk of that unit's operation.

But as far as the salesperson was concerned, there was no way I was going to buy one soon over the phone.

(So, thanks again for the link!)

Edited: 12 July 2007, 5:14 p.m.

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Howard Owen - 07-12-2007

Thanks for the link!

I've ordered my first one. If one pops up at a reseller close to where I am physically, I'll snag my second one there. Otherwise, I'll send them another full-price order via the link above.


I can get no satisfaction! - Doctor Bubu - 07-12-2007

I was there and make my very best!

But there was no possibility to entry germany as the delivering country. :(
Is there anybody who knows a way out?

J├╝rgen Richter

Re: I can get no satisfaction! - Thomas Radtke - 07-12-2007

Sure. Wait until german dealers offer them at twice the money :-(.

Re: I can get no satisfaction! - Walter B - 07-12-2007

Always the same: first they tell us something about free trade and globalization, then they want us to pay twice the original price :-(

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Mark W Paris - 07-12-2007

Hey Seth -- you are the man. Much thanks.

Actually, before you sent the URL, I called HP and spoke to a sales representative. I told him after going through several iterations of description, "A friend of mine told me I was able to buy it online." He responds, "Your friend is wrong."

Thanks again.


Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Fred Lusk - 07-13-2007

I couldn't stand up to the peer pressure. I ordered mine last night.

The 35s is nowhere near a replacement for my 42s, but it should make a better home calculator than the 32sii.


Be sure to post the serial #'s of these early sales! - Ren - 07-13-2007


Maybe it is not important, but when your new 35s's arrive, post a few of the early S/n's.

Walter B.,
What was the s/n of the baby's mobile?

dona nobis pacem

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - ECL - 07-13-2007


I'd be happy to take that crappy 32sii off your hands...will you be selling it?


Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Richard Garner - 07-13-2007

Shipping Date 7/18/07

Just for information purposes:

Hp 35s - $59.99, 2 Day UPS Shipping - $6.00, Arkansas Sales Tax - $6.60, Total - $72.59

Re: Be sure to post the serial #'s of these early sales! - Walter B - 07-13-2007

Ren, I'm *very* sorry, but that baby isn't mine. I think you can imagine why I'm sorry... ;-)

Re: HP35s: just ordered mine! - Fred Lusk - 07-15-2007

Sorry. The 32sii will remain part of my modest collection of 10 HP calcs, but now with the batteries out.