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Module conflict - Geir Isene - 07-10-2007

I must be missing something. Please shake my head to loosen a screw so that an answer may fall out.

My setup is a HP-41CX with NoV-32 with CCD-OSX in Page #C and Extended IO in Page #D. I have an AECrom in port 4 (Page #E and #F)

As long as I have the AECrom inserted, it behaves funny (locks up, hard to unlock and then flags are a mish-mash etc.). When I remove the AECrom, everything is fine.

Why? Can't see any XROM conflicts...

Re: Module conflict - Geir Isene - 07-10-2007

Head shaked and screw is loose: After testing the config with another CX, it seems the first calc has a faulty port 4. Oh well.

Re: Module conflict - Diego Diaz - 07-11-2007

Hi Geir,

Just to put it black on white: You've released me from a big load of headaches!!! Ha ha ha...

(Oh well... I know you knew that already... ;-)

Best wishes and keep enjoying your 41's


RS-232 (Was: Module conflict) - Geir Isene - 07-11-2007

But the original problem was calc-agnostic ;)

It seems stable now with a fantastic module-combo:

CX w/NoV-32 (CCD OS/X & Extended I/O) + AECrom + double XM + HP-IL w/Video Interface, RS-232, 82162A printer in the loop. Now we are talking :)

I only need the RS-232 to talk to my Linux laptop...

It seems to use a 25 pin parallell cable for serial communication. I have read something about a needed adapter to make it work. Anybody has any specifics?

Re: RS-232 (Was: Module conflict) - Tony Duell - 07-11-2007

I assume you're refering to the HP82164 HPIL-RS232 converter.

It has a standard 25 pin RS232 serial connector. For the record, the DB25 parallel printer connector and the DE9 serial connector are really PC-isms (the latter came in with the PC/AT). The RS232 standard specifies a DB25 connector.

There is a jumper block inside the interface that you can plug in either way round. One way, the interface has the pinout of a DTE (so will link directly to a modem), the other way it has the pinout of a DTE (so will link directly to a terminal or computer). But I find the only way to remain (in)sane while using it is to leave the jumper at the DTE position and wire up the external cable appropriately.

The problem with that interface is that HP seem to have read the RS232 standard, and nobody else did :-). Which means that if you want to use hardware flow control (and I strongly recomend it), you have to wire up a special adapter.

You can find the wirelist of the adapter and some linux-related software in the distribution mentioned on