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New HP42S - ce25593 - 06-29-2007

I came across a new HP42S some time ago. It is still in the original plastic packaging material. The manual is still in the celophane wrap and has not been opened. The box is intact but showing some wear. What would this be worth today? I have a 42S at work I use all the time. I am trying to decide if I want to sell the new one or keep it as a spare.

Thank you.

Bob Haynes, San Diego

Re: New HP42S - Don Shepherd - 06-29-2007

Bob, they have been going for over $300 on EBay recently.

Re: New HP42S - ce25593 - 06-29-2007

I know. There was one on Ebay today that was up close to $500.


Re: New HP42S - Mike Ingle - 06-30-2007

Where'd you find that? I found a new HP15C on craigslist awhile ago for $50. It was a gift in a defunct relationship, from the story I heard. Even though it was new, it had two broken heat stakes I had to repair.


Re: New HP42S - Seth Morabito - 06-30-2007

Sigh! I have New HP Calculators on the brain, I'm afraid. I saw the subject line and immediately though "Oh, HP is releasing a new version of the 42S?!"

Alas, no. But you do seem to have a very sought after little gem there! If I were you I'd keep it, but then I am something of a hoarder. If you need the money, I'd be interested to see how much it goes for on eBay. I'd love a 42S myself to help fill out my LCD-HP collection, but alas they're far too rich for my blood right now.

Please do let us know what happens with it!

Re: New HP42S - Alexander Wassermann - 07-04-2007


how do you repair the heat stakes on a 15C. My 23 year old 15C has about 10 broken off. I have tried to glue them back on some years back, but they did not hold. I have now some foam behind the PCB to support it from behind. Unfortunately by this method some of the keys still "rattle" when shaking the unit.

Any comments would be welcome.


Fix HP15C, was re: New HP42S - Mike Ingle - 07-05-2007

Check the archives for fixthatcalc's response to my question.

I got some Loctite super glue with an activator pen. Put the machine face down on a washcloth or other padded surface. Remove the back, and remove all the broken mushroom heads. For each broken one, press the circuit board down so the keys are firm. Treat the stake and board with the activator pen, and put a very small amount of super glue (I used a toothpick) on the stake and board where they meet. Keep it pressed down for a couple of minutes. A few seconds is not long enough. After reassembling, use rubber cement to attach the feet.

The 15C and 41C series have a basic flaw in that they rely on constant tension, in an organic material, to keep them working. HP did not know they would be collectors' items in 20+ years when they made them.