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HP 50g DMS - Jeffrey Connor - 06-27-2007

Hello All,

I just bought a 50g and cannot figure out how to input and return angles in DMS. I do this frequently and would like to have it readily available. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much,


Re: HP 50g DMS - Allen - 06-27-2007

Read page 3-79 of the advanced users manual.

Re: HP 50g DMS - Matthew W. Milligan - 06-29-2007

The function ->HMS converts a decimal hour (or degree) into a form HH.MMSS and the function HMS-> converts HH.MMSS into a decimal value. As far as availability goes this function is found either in the CATALOG or in the TIME menu under tools. If you use it frequently consider making it a part of a CUSTOM menu or a user defined key.

Re: HP 50g DMS - Trent Moseley - 06-29-2007

Lots of luck on a 31E with all its trig functions! Of course the function should be on the keyboard and not hidden in some menu somewhere ala the 42S.


Re: HP 50g DMS - Jeffrey Connor - 07-04-2007

Thank you very much for your replies. I have put the DMS commands on my Custom menu.

How about entering and returning degrees, minutes, and seconds directly? I believe that you can on TIs by entering each value followed by a symbol (e.g. ' for minutes). I believe that results can be reported in a similar fashion.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


Re: HP 50g DMS - Peter A. Gebhardt - 07-05-2007


in RPL mode enter HH <space> MM <space> SS <Custom Function>.

If your custom function has been built with (say as an example)


in algebraic mode (which I suppose, because of your question), calling your custom function as described above will solve the RPL equation:

<< -> h m s 'h*3600+m*60+s' >>

and display the expected result.

For a description on DEFINE see Chapter 3 of the User Guide (the large pdf document on CD).

For a more user-friendly implementation, pls. look up the fine descriptions of - '30 MENU' usage in equations - to build custom menus. A lot of sophisticated samples of this technique are available at


Hope this helps!

Peter A. Gebhardt

Re: HP 50g DMS - Jeffrey Connor - 07-05-2007


Thank you for your response; I'll give it a shot.