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12C Question - Jeff - 06-23-2007

Does anyone know if the blue and silver 12C Platinum has been discontinued in place of the 25th Anniversary edition?


Re: 12C Question - Bob Wang - 06-23-2007

The HP Web site lists 2 models:

HP web site

Re: 12C Question - Jeff - 06-25-2007

Exactly. It shows the 12C and the 25th anniversary edition. I wonder if the Platinum is gone....

Re: 12C Question - Gene Wright - 06-25-2007

Well, if it isn't shown, then it may well be gone.

I can only hope ...

Re: 12C Question - Don Shepherd - 06-25-2007

At one time, the 25th anniversary edition was to be produced for a limited time only. It looks like it may go on forever!