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HP 67 Emulator - Chuck - 06-14-2007

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (I can't find it using search), but I was exploring the Apple website and came across this emulator for the HP67. I can't comment on it because I'm stuck with Winders (However, the new Safari browser for windows is slick, so far).

HP 67 Emulator

Edited: 14 June 2007, 10:04 p.m.

Re: HP 67 Emulator - Chuck - 06-14-2007

The download was at 3000 four hours ago...now it's over 11,000. There's quite a few HP fans out there. I think HP will do okay when they release their newest surprises.

LXVII is a simulator - Mike (Stgt) - 06-15-2007

:quote.A faithful simulator of the original hp-67 calculator [...] compatibility with the hp-67 in button layout and programmability ...:equote.

If you have access to Windoze only try Nonpareil. BTW, there exist emulators to run Mac OS on Win-XYZ. Some specialists made Mac OS X work on none-Apple-machines without an emulator. Don't give up to soon. (And Safari is *not* beta, just a better alpha. In addition, IMHO the compass-logo is a misdeed: it's background shows the coastline of Nort- and South-America, but for "safari" you go to Africa.)


Well, an other misdeed was to call this continent America and not Columbia, respecting the discoverer Columbus. It was the error of a cartographer from the very south of Germany... <VBG>