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Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Marx Pio(Brasil) - 10-08-2001

I recently got from Steen a lib for using the the DoInputForm in UserRPL. So I decided to rewrite my structural softwares from the 48 to the 49, and I just changed the InputForms, keeping all the rest of the code

I noticed that the HP49G was too slow in calculating some slabs data in comparison to the HP48GX, so I decided to write a simple code for checking the speed of the HP's

<< 1 1000 FOR I NEXT >>

Did it for HP48GX, HP49G and HP28S (All reported Saturn Architecture)

And the winner was:
1st Place - HP48GX
2nd Place - HP28S and HP49G - Tied!

Can anyone says WHIH?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-09-2001


which version is the O.S.? 1.19.5?

I have observed that the 49G is slower than the 48G. Have you thought about new display features (e.g. check for and build fonts, modes, and so)?

I would like to know, too.

(qual a versão do sistema? 1.19.5?

I também percebi que a 49G é mais lenta do que a 49G. Você pensou nos novos recursos do display (checagem e construção de caracters nas fontes, modos, entre outros?

Estou escrevendo em Inglês e Português principalmente para respeitar a casa dos nossos anfitriões...)

Re: Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Raymond Del Tondo - 10-09-2001

BTW: There's a version of the Input Form Builder (not from Steen Schmidt) for the HP-48, too.
Look at www.hpcalc.org and search for Raymond Hellstern ;-)


Re: Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 10-09-2001

Try with:

<< 1. 1000. FOR I NEXT >>

Reals are faster than integers on the 49G.



Re: Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Marx Pio - 10-09-2001

I noticed that the display refreshing rate is better in 49.
49 takes fews seconds to construct an inputform, but when the comparisons starts at UserRPL the 48GX is far better.
Imagine what I feel seeing my old and tired 28S beat my weird´n´colored 49G...


Marx Pio

Percebi que a taxa de atualizaçâo do lcd da 49 é bem melhor que a da 48. A montagem de uma inputform leva poucos segundos para se efetuar. O problema parece acontecer, quando se compara as duas máquinas em UserRPL


Marx Pio

Re: Super HP48GX or a Lazy HP49G? - Marx Pio - 10-09-2001


I´ll check it out

Thanks for help

Marx Pio