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HP32s and 42s - Glenn - 03-02-1999

I would like to know how much i should expect to pay for a second hand one of these calculators. Thanks

Re: HP32s and 42s - Ron Ross - 03-02-1999

The HP32sII is still available and is $60. new and can be found used for $30-45. If you want the older hp32s it could be higher due to some collector value. The Hp42s is discontinued and does have collector value and a solid following of dedicated users, (it is program compatable with the HP41c, only faster and a better number cruncher, with 7K RAM, no timer though), and therefore sells for $150+. You could buy a HP48G or HP48G+ for less and get a more powerfull calc. Of the three mentioned I like the 42 best.

Re: HP32s and 42s - Paul Brogger - 03-02-1999

I think the best way to find current prices for HP calculators (and probably anything else, for that matter) is to go to eBay's AuctionWeb (www.ebay.com). For HP Calculators, I enter " hp* calculator* " in the "Search" box. This usually returns about 70 current auctions of HP calculators and related items. Then, from the results screen, I click on the "Search Completed Items" link. This gives the results of most auctions completed in the past couple of months or so. The default sort is ascending by completion date, so this second search shows the oldest auctions first. So I do a third search, by setting the "descending" radio button and pressing "Go" to do the completed items search again, but return it in "LIFO" order. Finally, I scan the completed auctions list for items which roughly match the description of what I'm interested in. Works like a charm, though you won't always find everything. You may want to perform this exercise every two weeks or so to keep current. My impressions are that an HP-32S is going for about $45, an HP-32SII for about $40, and the HP-42S for over $200 in excellent-to-mint condition. (-48G's are running about $60.)

Re: HP32s and 42s - John - 03-02-1999

i have a mint 42s for sale <200 in the classifieds (hint hint)

Re: HP32s and 42s - Frank Rizzo - 03-03-1999

I guess Paul likes paying top dollar and has lot's of dough. The REAL truth is that you can find these calculators much cheaper elsewhere. People like eBay because items are easily available. However, you end up paying thru the nose, knowwhatimean? I got a 42S in great condition with manual and case for $65 from a user in CA I met in a chat room about HPs. Somebody just coughed up over $350 for a 16C on ebay. I saw the same calc. on a bulletin board for $30. But hey, if Ebay is easy for you, go for it. You decide! Best, Frank R.

Re: HP32s and 42s - Bert Keuken - 03-03-1999

Saw an ad for a 42S plus IR printer (82240B) for approx. US$75. Unfortunatly the phone number wasn't correct. No info on the condition of the goods. Doesn't appear expensive to me though.

Re: HP32s and 42s - jorge alameda - 03-06-1999

please: i have a 42s without manual and thats is a real trouble, please if you know some adress for or somebody that can help me renponds, i am a bolivian student, thanks for all

Re: HP32s and 42s - Dave Hicks - 03-06-1999

The manual is available on CD. Please see:


Re: HP32s and 42s - Gerard Evrard - 03-08-1999

Probably Frank misses a very important point here : eBay can be te only way for us overseas collectors. We don't like to pay top dollar, but have to. Really I'm happy that eBay exists at all, only I can afford only the slightly more common models (what ? HP19 ?)

Re: HP32s and 42s - Dave Hicks - 03-08-1999

"eBay can be te only way for us overseas collectors... I'm happy that eBay exists at all, only I can afford only the slightly more common models (what ? HP19 ?)"

I've received two HP-19Cs from Norway at modest prices. My impression (from the U.S.) was that Europe was a good place to find HPs.