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HP 01 prototype? with pictures.... - Geoff Quickfall - 05-27-2007

HP 01 prototype?

Posted by Geoff Quickfall on 27 May 2007, 7:24 p.m.

Looking for more info on the HP-01. I now have restored 3, two to NOS condition and one almost, see pictures.




The one of interest is an HP-01 with US case and strap. The keyboard is a heavy rough bakelite type unlike the polished black and bronze keyboards the other Swiss cases have. The D, A, M, T keys are very low, i.e. don't project far above the keyboard as the Swiss case ones do.

Two more points, no name on the crystal, not even a trace and the condition of the crystal, scratched and chipped precludes a polishing to remove the name. The second odd point was the lack of a serial number (see picture).

The provenance of the watch is that it came from the son of an HP employee who worked in Corvallis on the watch team. The owner has passed on and the history other than what you have here is all I know.

In summary:

US made case and strap,
no Hewlett Packard name on original crystal (not polished off),
no serial number on case back,
low projecting D, A, M, T keys, much lower then the Swiss,
Any thoughts or ideas. Also looking for a bracelet stylus if anyone will part with a spare!!!!!

The watch pictured has a hand made crystal by me from an old derelict HP calculator that was cut, fitted and polished by hand:



Edited: 27 May 2007, 9:46 p.m.

anyone? - Geoff Quickfall - 05-29-2007


Re: anyone? - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 05-31-2007

Well, you said it all, didn't you?
No serial number means pre-production prototype (production prototypes usually have at least odd serial numbers).
The non-standard keyboard hints towards being an early prototype as well.

Thanks - Geoff Quickfall - 05-31-2007

Thanks, Frank

I was looking for some type of confirmation. Thats, what I thought, even the module keyboard has a different key pad contact spring system to the ohters.

I will replace the quartz crystal with one of a similar vibration and fabricate the ground battery clip to see if I can ressurect the original module.

Right now all it does is display a zero for 6 seconds then turnoff.

Cheers, Geoff