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HP OmniGo 100 Question - Maximilian Hohmann - 05-27-2007


Yesterday, I found an hp OmniGo 100 on the flea market. Not that I'm interested much in PDAs and suchlikes, but it is from hp and over 10 years old (and has an hp-12C emulator in its ROM!), and therefore I paid the 20 Euros for it, that the guy would accept as lowest bid.

I understand, that this thing can run DOS applications and also, that it accepts CF-cards through a PCMCIA-memorycard-adapter.

What I haven't found out yet, is how to get a DOS-prompt so that I can launch DOS-programs from the memorycard... Has anybody got an idea about that maybe?

Greetings, Max

Edited: 27 May 2007, 6:41 a.m.

Re: HP OmniGo 100 Question - DaveJ - 05-27-2007

The OmniGo 100 has limited DOS functionality, it is not a true DOS machine like the 200LX.


Re: HP OmniGo 100 Question - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-27-2007


the OG100 holds some questionable records.

It has the display with lowest possible contrast,

the smallest display compared to the other LX based machines,

and the shortest possible battery life.

Actually you can virtually watch the battery go flat.

Of course the OG 100 was the first LX based device

*without* an AC adapter option...

The GEOS and the switchable display are the most interesting
things on the OG,

other than that the OmniGo was designed to avoid success;-)

The OG 120 has some *minor* improvements over the OG 100,

such as a better battery life, and a so-called 'holographic' display.

Actually the display is much better readable than on the OG 100,

but still way substandard, even at the time of introduction.

I paid more than 500 DM for my first OG 100 when it was new,

and regretted it shortly after...



Re: HP OmniGo 100 Question - Eric Smith - 05-27-2007

the OG100 holds some questionable records.

More of an OmniWent?

Re: HP OmniGo 100 Question - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-27-2007


I forgot that it also had one of the shortest life cycles;-)