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50G or 48GII? - Bob - 05-23-2007

Since I am in the market for a new calc, I was wondering if the 50G had it all over the 48GII? (in terms of quality, build, feel, bugs, etc)

I have glanced at the features and since both are much more powerful than what I need on a daily basis, I wondered if the 50G was worth the extra few bucks? I assume that both of them have the equation library and solver functions, particularly TVM, of the 48GX in them. (that may not be true of course, just my assumption)

Any and all opinions are welcome.

Re: 50G or 48GII? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 05-23-2007


I have both (one of each) and in terms of 'worth it', I think the HP50G would be the choice because:

it accepts SD cards to increase memory capacity (my H50G has a 1GByte SD card...).

upgradable operating system, meanning that bugs are ellectable to corrections.

more lines in the LCD; somehow you can use it to show more data.

more user RAM in the basic configuration; a bit more than 1MBytes (377KB RAM and 780KB Flash ROM available to the user, according to the HP50G datasheet).

About the HP48GII. It has almost all algebraic and math features available with the HP50G (CAS, equation Library, etc), but it has about 81KBytes RAM (80.7KB available to the user, according to the datasheet). If we consider that it has a lot of built-in resources, user RAM may not be an issue, I guess.

As a final consideration... I actually think that the HP50G has a better look, with black finishment. It is closer to previous, successful HP calculators, indeed.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 23 May 2007, 9:42 p.m.

Re: 50G or 48GII? - Bob - 05-24-2007

Thanks, Luiz. I am leaning toward the 50G. I am hoping that the quality is also getting better as they build more HP models, but who knows? I also like the SD card capability and the black body color better. It just seems "right".

Re: 50G or 48GII? - Hal Bitton in Boise - 05-24-2007

Hi Bob,

I've had my 50G since Christmas...the quality and feel are excellent, and as I've said before, the display is fantastic...
With the "smaller" font selected, I have up to 7 stack levels on the display. What I really like, though, is that big equations will present on the stack in textbook format...just like in the equation writer (granted it's a minor issue, but I don't like having to decipher a one line representation of a big expression)

Best regards, Hal

Re: 50G or 48GII? - Ron Ross - 05-24-2007

Hp48GII- NO EQ LIBRARY!!! (actually, I do believe someone got it to load but then had only a few K of RAM left!!)

Oops! My bad... Sorry! - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 05-24-2007

Hi, Ron;

I keyed EQNLIB in my HP49G+ and confused with the HP48GII.


Luiz (Brazil)

Uh Oh - Bob - 05-24-2007

Well, if there is no equation library in the 48GII and there is in the 50G, my decision is becoming much clearer.