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Emmanuel Compes - Jeff D - 05-21-2007

I am trying to get in touch with Emmanuel Compes. Can anyone give me an email address?

Re: Emmanuel Compes - PeterP - 05-22-2007

Not a guru and don't know Emmanuel, but I bought some EPROMS from him a long time ago so I know he has a 41 page. And, a quick google has it as the third hit...
Emmanuel's page



Re: Emmanuel Compes - Matthias Wehrli - 05-22-2007

I know Emmanuel as he was on one of my meetings. I also bought some EPROMS from him I paid 1 year ago!!!! I´m still waiting for the EPROMS... when you got in touch with him please let me know.
I´m not quiet shure, but it´s his son who manages his ebay account since about 2,5 years as he does not has the time to do this.


Re: Emmanuel Compes - Jeff D - 05-22-2007

Thank you for the response. I have sent him an e-mail.

Re: Emmanuel Compes - Jeff D - 05-22-2007

I am looking to find any information regarding a ROM Image that I have. It is ASDT UTIL and has the following commands; ROMIN, ROMOUT, KBDOUT, KBDOUT2, CON.
Metthias, Do you happen to know what this might be or have any documentation for it?
Also, does anyone have an english version of the ROMBOX 32 Documentation?

Re: Emmanuel Compes - Jaques Bonameau - 05-23-2007


I have his homeadress I could mail to you (or post here) if that helpes.


Re: Emmanuel Compes - Tobie Niggli - 05-24-2007

You will find infos for this commands (ROMIN, ROMOUT etc) in the SDK41R6 from Warren Furlow. They send and receive ROM's between a PC an the HP41 over HPIL or HPIL-RS232.