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HP41 - Guide and tools to develop a new ROM module - Jose L. Nieto - 05-11-2007


I have rediscovered my old HP41 just a few weeks ago. It´s great all the information available nowadays about this machine. But I´m a little confused ....

I need some information, to choose the best way in developing a new ROM module. I only have a HP41CV and a selfmade clonix module. (Thanks Diego for explanations).

The question is ..... Wich are the best todays tools to develop a ROM module, just using this hardware items and a PC???
I will try to include in the module some MCODE functions and some USER programs. So I guess the proccess is ... write MCode program, run it in emulator with breakpoints and step by step capabilities. Compile complet 4k ROM, test it in V41 emulator. Burn it in a Clonix module ....

I would like to ask people with more experience in HP41 programming that explains the procedures to follow and the suitable tools.

Another question .... Is there any software to convert ROM files into MOD files.?? (To load a ROM image created with SDK41 in V41 emulator.)

Best regards

Converters - Mike (Stgt) - 05-11-2007

Yep, I do have some converters, but only for those experts which still have access to a host running VM/CMS (the best OS I know). Only two of those routines may (and did) run on PCs.