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Installing 50G downloads - no kit. - RON ALLEN - 05-05-2007

I have downloaded lots of software, but never for a calculator. I have received a copy of the zip file to install 92, but haven't received a "connectivity kit."

Help on connectivity kit please! Is software part of the download? Does the "KIT" contain more than a USB cable or can I just stop by Staples or Radio Shack, pick up the correct small cable and run
software already on the system or boot-strapped from the downloads?

Thanks for your help


Re: Installing 50G downloads - no kit. - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 05-05-2007

I take it that you mean "v.92", really revision 2.09 build 92?

Anyway, the "connectivity kit" software should've been included on the CD-ROM that came with the calculator, but there were some reports of problems with that one. Download the latest starting from HP's site. Choose your operating system from that page, although I believe that the software is the same for all supported MS Windows systems. For that matter, it will also take you to the newest official 49g+/50g ROM release.

If you also want the periodic table library, then that, along with the equation library files, can be downloaded from http://www.hydrix.com/Download/Hp/4950Libraries/.

A USB cable should've come with the calculator too. In case you don't have it, it's a standard male A to male 5-pin mini-B cable.

Note that you can update the ROM using an MMC or SD flash memory card instead, assuming that you have one and a reader to use it as a removable media mass storage drive with your PC. Personally, I find this easier than using the USB cable and Conn4x.


Edited: 5 May 2007, 9:02 p.m.

Re: Installing 50G downloads - no kit. - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 05-05-2007


The Xmodem server required for making full use of the Conn4x "connectivity kit" is built-in with all 49 series calculators.

The Conn4x package includes an Xmodem server library that can be installed on the 48G series to make full use of Conn4x.

The 48SX/X doesn't have Xmodem built-in, so I wouldn't expect the Xmodem server library to work with that.


Re: Installing 50G downloads - no kit. - RON ALLEN - 05-05-2007

Thanks, James, right on time with answers. Really appreciate your sharing!

Best regards,