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Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Forrest Switzer - 04-28-2007

I just got my April issue of The American Surveyor magazine "A foot in the past... An eye to the future" and there is a great article in it about the DC50 along with some great pictures and pictures of the line of HP Calculators that were used in surveying leading up to the HP 50G. This can be found at www.TheAmericanSurveyor.com and under the "articles" link. Look near the bottom of the list in a Product Review by Al Pepling,LS.

Tim Wessman is named in athe article. "...and the software benefitted tremendously from Tim's programming skill."

Way to go Tim. The article is good, the pictures are good and I'll bet the product is good.

I just wish I had received my magazine earlier in April.

I hope I did the link correctly. If not maybe Tim can fix it for me.


Re: Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Howard Owen - 04-28-2007

Man, that guy is a real fan! What a wonderful writeup. Congratulations on a great product!

You can tell that the working surveyor who wrote the referenced article hated the 49G+ keyboard as much as the "purists" on this site, and welcomed the fixed 50G model too. I can't express how great it is to see that working code brought forward from the 41, and through the 48GX, finally landed on a 50G based product with the double threat of long experience and cutting edge tech. (Twin BT radios - cool!) Together they make what looks to be a huge winning combination. That's how the values I treasure in the old machines can make a difference in the present day - by embracing new technology, but retaining the timeless core of great engineering knowhow!


Re: Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Tim Wessman - 04-28-2007

He is quite a fan. Al is doing another entire article dealing with nothing but field usage as well. There will also be an article about the company, how we were started, goals, etc. Naturally, it is quite exciting for us.

Professional Surveyor is working on a review, and POB asked one of our best customers (who has already written some userRPL progs because he likes it so much) to write one.

Sales are picking up as a result of weather and reviews. In the past 2 days, we sold about $35k. If this keeps up, I'll be able to collect a paycheck soon! :-)


Re: Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Tim Wessman - 04-28-2007


Direct link.


Re: Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Forrest Switzer - 04-28-2007


Wow, all three magazines!!! It will be interesting to see how the other two review. I assume you have an idea about their reviews, and they are positive. It is really great to see this considering how dominate TDS is. Watch out though, TDS or Carlson may make you an offer you can't refuse. Carlson sucked up Simplicity, but I kinda think Simplicity was hoping that would happen.

And, the pay check thing is important also.

By the way I am not worried about the quote or the above exclamation marks. I might as well say eBay and be tripple dammed.


Re: Precision Surveying Solutions L L C - Howard Owen - 04-28-2007

To amplify a point I made above, It's likely this reviewer would not have been as enthusiastic about a 49G+ based product, even though I'm sure you guys would have made the best of the keyboard issues using software. The point for HP is this: to win a spot in the niche you used to dominate, you must pay attention to some of the things that were important to you back then. In particular, the build quality matters for professional equipment. It's clear that some folks at HP still hold up those values, just as it is clear that they have had to fight an uphill battle to see them expressed. Way to go, guys, and keep it up!