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HP9800 Emulator update release 0.30 - Achim (Germany) - 03-18-2007

Dear friends and collectors of old computers,
a new release of HP9800E is available from


This release 0.30 contains new major functions, a completely new user manual, and some minor bug fixes. Please read the changes_0.30.txt.

Have fun.

Re: HP9800 Emulator update release 0.30 - J-F Garnier - 03-28-2007

I spent some time with the 9830 emulation during the last days. It is the most interesting machine for me, because it's the first HP Basic implementation on a desktop calculator.

A lot of documentation for the 9830 and ROM is available on The Australian Site, but I didn't find anything on the Infotek Fast Basic. Do these ROMs speed-up the Basic language, as their names imply? Any information will be appreciated.

I really liked the documentation, and the possibility to configure the optional ROMs. Great work, Achim!


(Still hoping to see a 9825/9835/9845 version some day...)