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Anything special? (HP67) - Tom (UK) - 02-15-2007

See ebay auction: 200079254723 at:


This HP67 features a clear back (but not battery cover?) Was this use as a promotional tool, was it on early models only?

Note the high price (about $600) for a fair condition model - but worth it for the rarity?

N.B. I have no connection with this auction.

Re: Anything special? (HP67) - Steve Borowsky - 02-15-2007

I don't know about the clear back, but it looks quite a bit better than fair condition to me.

Re: Anything special? (HP67) - Tom (UK) - 02-15-2007

Having re-examined the pictures it does look better than 'fair' condition (no missing printed text and no rubbed off silver trim). Perhaps 'good' to 'fine' would be better, the seller does describe one of the items included as 'mint', but no description of the condition of the calculator - perhaps it is being undersold (condition, not price!)

Any idea on the rarity of a clear back model?

Re: Anything special? (HP67) - Steve Borowsky - 02-15-2007

I'm sure someone else here can provide much more information, but I recall from some videos of HP club meetings that HP would make clear case calculators as part of the preproduction debugging process to determine if all the parts fit as they should. Perhaps this is one of those. If it is it would be pretty rare.

Re: Anything special? (HP67) - Namir - 02-15-2007

Looks like a demo unit that HP gave to their personnel who showed these machines in trade shows and exhibitions.

Saw one like that in Baghdad in 1977 at the HP exhibition booth in one of the local University campuses.


Edited: 15 Feb 2007, 12:37 p.m.

Re: Anything special? (HP67) - Alan Firth - 02-15-2007

This one, or one like it, sold on ebay a while ago. All I remember is, it went for less than the price this guy's asking. I remember being quite surprised about the low price actually.

Edited: 15 Feb 2007, 2:23 p.m.