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YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - gileno - 02-14-2007

Link YHP 25C !!!!


YHP -65 Link !!!


HP enters the Asian market and forms its first joint venture,
Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard (YHP), in Tokyo, Japan, with Yokogawa

Electric Works. By 1963, overseas sales already account for 18
percent of HP's business; the largest foreign markets are Western
Europe, Canada and Japan.

The 5100A frequency synthesizer, one of the most complex
instruments developed by the company to date, is introduced.
It can do the work of a whole battery of instruments and does it
with greater accuracy. The 5100A is used for automated testing,
advanced communications systems and communications with deep-space

Revenue: $117 million. Employees: 6,598.

Press release Yokogawa Link

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Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - Karl-Ludwig Butte - 02-14-2007

Hello and thanks a lot for the links. Ididn't know about such a Japanese cooperation of HP. Do you have any more information about this joint venture ?

Kind regards


Link to an earlier HP Museum post on YHP - Gene - 02-14-2007


From back in 2003...David Smith said:

"I know a lot of the Yokogawa calculators were just regular HP calculators with Japanese labels. Mike Davis had Yokogawa HP65 last year."

Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - Jan - 02-14-2007

I saw one when I was in the house of a japanese friend of mine in Tokyo back in the early 90's. If I am correct it was a 35.

Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - gileno - 02-14-2007

Yokogama - HP Link

Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - Alan Firth - 02-14-2007

Great. Something more to collect!

Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - GE - 02-15-2007

The HP for the HP calculator collector who has everything !

Out of my reach, however. Run run !!

Re: YOKOGAWA-HEWLETT PACKARD - YHP 25C !!!! - David Smith - 02-15-2007

One thing I have noticed about Yokogawa calculators... they all have had very poor condition labels.