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New item found - Matthias Wehrli - 02-07-2007


Anybody has seen such a unit before?

(On the right side you see a working XPander unit from my collection):
How many of these overhead units were build?
How got them with the protos of the XPander?
Are there still any other left?


Re: New item found - Eric - 02-07-2007


I have never seen a unit like that before. After doing a search on the internet, it seems that the model F2212A was actually the HP 9g calculator??


Re: New item found - Wayne Brown - 02-07-2007

Yecch! That thing is uglier than the XPander itself. The shape reminds me of a toilet seat! Why do so many designers insist on softened, rounded,and curved edges on everything? Too many products today look half-melted. Whatever happened to straight lines, right angles, and sharp edges and corners?

Re: New item found - bhtooefr - 02-07-2007

I remember reading a comment on Slashdot from when the TI-84+ was released, that the modern curvy designs are actually designed such that you get bored with the device in a year or so, and go buy the new model. I forget what term was used, though, to describe the design techniques needed...

Anyway, is it just me, or was this HP's attempt at their version of a TI ViewScreen? As in, an attempt to seriously break into the educational market big time? That would've been cool - competition is always a good thing.