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Radio Shack rechargeable N-cells - Patrick Canupp - 08-24-2001

Radio Shack sells rechargeable N-cell batteries (like those used for the HP-41). The package says the battery voltage is 1.2 volts, but all of the N-cell batteries I have used are 1.5 volt batteries. When I have a set of N-cells in my HP-41 that are essentially dead, the voltage for each cell measures roughly 1.2 volts.

Has anyone used Radio Shack rechargeable N-cells with the HP-41s? Do they provide sufficient voltage?


Re: Radio Shack rechargeable N-cells - Frank - 08-24-2001

I have not, but my guess is that the 1.2V nominal cells will work just fine and will actually be somewhat more than that (but not up to the voltage of new alks)with light load and fully to moderately charged anyway. Nicads hold stable voltage through energy discharge much better than alkalines and drop then at end.

Re: Radio Shack rechargeable N-cells - John Ioannidis - 08-24-2001

NiCd cells work just fine in the HP41. I was using generic (in my case, Sanyo) N cells for many years in mine. In fact, being a poor EE student at the time, I had even built my own constant-current charger.

The one thing to watch for is that the discharge curve is different. Once the BAT indicator turns on, replace soon (sooner than you would alkaline cells) -- you don't have much juice left.


Rechargeables - Mike - 08-25-2001

are typically 1.2 or thereabouts.