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HP collectors in Spain ? - Ex-PPC member - 08-24-2001

I would like to know about any HP calcs collectors in Spain, as well as any shops or people who deal with old, classic models (say up to the HP42S, not really interested in the latest models).

They probably do exist, but I've been absolutely unable to find any, neither collectors nor dealers nor used calcs traders, despite searching the web a lot and writing e-mails to the few references I've found, always left unanswered.

The idea would be to stay in contact and perhaps even organize meetings or form some kind of club, similar to the well-known UK one. Exchange of HP materials could be another interesting possibility.

If you are one, or happen to know of some, please post a reply with the details to this forum, for everyone interested to know. Thanks in advance.

Re: HP collectors anywhere? - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-24-2001

Hello, Mr. Pepe (alright?). I would like knowing about people in Brazil as well. I thought: Why not asking local Hewlett-Packard dealer / salesman to send conventional or e-mail to registered users inviting them to contact "us", HP fans? Or, better yet, asking them to allow HP to share their addresses with us? They have, for sure, their old records If you have success, let us know.

Re: HP collectors anywhere? - Edwin Morales - 08-24-2001

Por supuesto, también aquí en Guatemala, habemos coleccionistas. O seré sólo yo?????????

HP collectors / enthusiasts anywhere. A suggestion - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 08-25-2001

Just an idea: About a year ago I suggested you may state your country in parentheses after the name when posting, as a manner to help find other people in the same country which are HP collectors or enthusiasts.

Some people regularly state their country when posting; of course there are others who prefer otherwise (I liked the one who stated "third rock from the sun" some time ago...)

Re: HP collectors / enthusiasts anywhere. A suggestion - Chris Randle (UK) - 08-27-2001

I think this good idea could also be very useful in the classifieds section. It's not always possible to work out where in the world the item is being sold, with .com addresses, prices in $$$ etc. Folks in the US could put their state, perhaps? HP calcs outside of the US are a whole order of magnitude rarer. I'm instantly more interested in a euro ad., and reaching for my wallet if it's in the UK ;-)

Re: HP collectors in Spain ? - Rafael en Barcelona - 08-27-2001

usuario empedernido de las calculadoras HP desde finales de los años 70, sigo disfrutando de las que tengo y que puedo conseguir. Sigo diariamente el foro en el que estamos y otros, pero colecciono más las Texas que las HP por dificultad y precios. Los modelos que más considero son los de led rojos, no colecciono nada con lcd, aunque tengo varios ejemplares. Si quieres intercambiar ideas, arriba tienes mi dirección de correo. Un saludo.