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A New HP 48GX Graphic for Emu48 - James Redford - 01-19-2007

I created an HP 48GX graphic for Emu48. It's based upon Casey's GX II by Casey Patterson, but with a lot of improvements. Below one can view two different screenshots of it:



Below one can download the skin:


At first glance it looks very similar to Casey's GX II, due to using the same basic pattern of keys and colors. But a lot has been changed and improved on it, including improving the keyboard support and making the beeps work. A lot of attention has been paid to the little, and not so little, details.

I think a lot of people would like this graphic, because its color scheme is very easy on the eyes and its overall look is very in keeping with that of a real HP 48GX.

Feel free to host it on your own website, if you would like.

Below are the changes made to Casey's GX II:

- Improved the legibility of many of the symbols (including letters and numbers).

- Made the lettering much more consistent. Previously different C's, G's, O's, S's, etc., would appear across the graphic, even where the same size and type of font appears on a real HP 48G.

- Aligned the symbols (including letters and numbers) in a more consistent and symmetrical fashion.

- Greatly improved the keyboard support by linking Keyboard.kmi to JAMIE48G.KML.

- Aligned the keys to a grid. Previously the keys were not perfectly aligned.

- Updated the KML script so that key presses align with the new key locations. As well, they align better than they did previously.

- The beeps now work: BEEP.48 was linked to JAMIE48G.KML.

- New annunciators.

- The annunciators are now shown within the white screen area, akin to a real HP 48G, instead of the previous location of above the white screen on the gray frame area.

- Added the text CANCEL below the ON key, akin to a real HP 48G.