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hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - cindy - 01-17-2007

Does ANYONE know where or how I can get a copy of the HP-28S solutions manual #00028-90103, titled "Electrical Engineering"????? This in the only solutions manual missing from my collection. Please help.

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - Les Wright - 01-19-2007

wow, that isn't even on the venerated MoHPC DVD. Must be hard to find!

I have no idea how to help you other than suggest you register with this site and place a totally free WTB classified ad.

I cursory search of the evil auction site whose name must not be spoken yields no hits for me, alas.

I think the fact that no one else has responded yet to your thread suggests that this manual is just a bugger to find--if folks around here don't know how to get it, it could be it is just not very "gettable".

Sorry for being so pessimistic! Good luck in your quest....


Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - unspellable - 01-19-2007

I have a copy. The questions is, "Do I have two copies?" I'll look and see over the week end. This sort of question has come up in the past in regard to slide rule manuals. When we are reduced to photo copies I charge 10 cents a sheet plus one dollar for postage, etc. (It's not a get rich quick scheme.) I often get two pages on a sheet. At the moemnt I do not have access to a scanner so can't e-mail a copy.

BTW: The Ineternational Slide Rule Group has several SR manuals on their site and links to others.

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - cindy - 01-20-2007

Dare I hope???? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - unspellable - 01-21-2007

I have one manual titled something like "Electrical Engineering for the HP-28S" but so far I have not made sense out of the part number. It's a thicker manual with more pages than I was thinking.

It happens that I came into the office today and looked into the HP site to recheck the part number. I didn't bring the part number with me from the manul I have. I will bring it in Monday and we can compare notes.

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - cindy - 01-21-2007

I got the manual part number out of the back of one of the other solutions manuals that allow for additional orders, but alas, these manual have not been available for some time now. Awaiting your response. cindy

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - unspellable - 01-22-2007

During the HP-28S’ heyday I acquired one of everything I could find related to the HP-28S. So I am somewhat surprised to find that I do not have the book you mentioned. I am wondering if it was actually published.

I found “Electrical Engineering” (00028-90103) mentioned in rear of “Mathematical Applications” (00028-90111). These numbers are for the “Step-by-Step Solutions For Your HP Calculator” series. The book I have is “HP-28S Software Power Tools, Electrical Circuits”, A Product of Solve and Integrate Solutions Corporation, from grapevine Publications. HP part # 92220X.

Solve and Integrate took over the HP user’s library in 1988. Grapevine published a number of books for the HP calculators. I am wondering if publication of 92220X might have resulted in scuttling plans to publish 00028-90103. It does have an HP part number.

Anybody on this forum have any information as to whether or not this book was actually published?

“Electrical Circuits” has 247 pages plus fronts piece, contents, index, etc. The typical Step-by-Step book for the 28 runs around 100 pages.

If you want a copy of 92220X look here:


Prices range from $15.93 to $150.86 and seem to depend more on who is trying to sell than on condition. If you can get a decent copy inside of $25 it will probably beat my trying to photocopy mine. I did not find 00028-90103 either at this site or at Amazon.

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - unspellable - 01-22-2007

PS. Do you have any other manuals I don't know about?

Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 01-22-2007

Do you have any other manuals I don't know about?

Just checked my library and I have several books that were published by Educalc:

HP 28S Engineering Applications by Robert Boyd (Educalc Stock No. 2219)

Advanced Circuit Analysis with the HP-28S by Robert Boyd

Precalculus Activities for the HP-28 by P. Bateman, J. Ellis, R. Hill, J. McManus & R. Propp

Advanced Circuit Analysis with the HP-42S by Robert Boyd

Nonparametric Statistics on the HP-41 by Donald Vargo


Re: hp-28s solutions manual #00028-90103 - cindy - 01-25-2007

Thanks for the update. Sounds like I might be chasing a ghost after all... I thought I'd remembered seeing that book in my college bookstore, way back when, but after all this time I could be mistaken.