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HELP - Stuck function indicators in 48GX. - jbssm - 01-13-2007

Hi all,

I got a 48GX in which the function indicators (the hourglass and the one right to it) are always lit.

Upon searching the HP site I followed the instructions (warm reset, full reset and take the batteries for some days) but nothing solved the problem.

I also tried the [ON]+[D] and then [MTH] to get rid of static electricity but it didn't do anything.

Does anybody have any other procedure for me to try?

Thanks in advance.

Re: HELP - Stuck function indicators in 48GX. - Han - 01-13-2007

It is quite possible you simply have a defective LCD screen. I've seen them before even in the G series (swapped out the defective screen and placed in an HP48G that I knew was without problems and the effects were still there).

Since the LCDs HP39G/H40G/HP49G series are compatible with the HP48 series, you may want to just look for cheap units on eBay and swap the LCDs. The repair is not easy, but doable. Plus, the replacement LCDs from those units would be the black LCD -- much more readable than the blue/green LCDs. Most of the HP39Gs go for about $20.00 on eBay.

You could also pull the 128K ram chips from those calculators and use them to upgrade HP48G calculators since, in my opinion, the HP48 series is much better.

Re: HELP - Stuck function indicators in 48GX. - jbssm - 01-16-2007

Thank you.

Since now I know it's a problem I think I'll just return it to the seller cause I don't feel confortable in open the unit to repair it.