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hp 50 g - Mike Rulle - 01-02-2007

I have used the HP financial calculators for years (12c, 19bII, 17bII)but am intrigued with the 50g. I realize it is not set up explicitly to do financial calculations, but am wondering if there are users of 50g (or prior 49+) that use it for financial calculations (e.g., IRR,PV analysis,yield to maturity calculations, etc). Any response will be appreciated

Re: hp 50 g - Peter A. Gebhardt - 01-02-2007


take a look at:


This is one of the finest collections of financial programs for the HP50G.

If you do a further search for "John H. Meyers" on


you'll find tons of "snippets" which will allow you to extend your capabilities to master your HP50G as you did before with your other calculators.

An added benefit (at least it was for me):

Because you are learning to use it in a field, you are already experienced with, your learning curve should not be as steep ...

Good luck!

Edited: 2 Jan 2007, 5:13 p.m.

Re: hp 50 g - Mike Rulle - 01-03-2007

Much appreciated,

Re: hp 50 g - RON ALLEN - 01-04-2007

I have used earlier hp financial calculators and other general units as well as dedicated units. I don't do much with stocks, mainly mortgages and dicsounts. The hp 50g is a very well designed general system that allows you the ability to isolate disciplines to custom collections of custom menus and procedures. In turn, you have a handy tool for field work in negotiatons outside the office.

It can be a better device than a laptop in some situations. If you have thought through a deal and practiced your pitch, you can make a pretty good impression on a room full of lawyers, accountants, brokers, developers, investors, etc; with a calculator.

As you no doubt have discovered it has a financial solver which is based on earlier 48 gx devices and operating systems. I have trouble imagining the person, other that a programmer that would need to know all the hp 50 is capable of, but like general systems, it is versitile and powerful.

I can share some of your enthusiasm for calculations and programs to analyze PV, FV, ETC; and IRR for cashflows at random inervals with random amounts. I work with compounding periods from annual to continuous. I have a little trouble considering the economics of cahflow analysis at continuous rates except maybe pipelines or utilities. Any way, whatever your method of financial analysis, the hp 50g can be a handy companion at times.

Looking forward to sharing some thoughts along these lines,