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Goodbye - Mad Dog ebaycalcnut - 01-02-2007

I am being attacked for trying to help sellers clean up their ads and point out to buyers things they should ask sellers about. Obviously, sellers do not want to hear it. I think they are generally honest, but I am just trying to clarify things for buyers.

Sellers think I am just trying to disrupt their auctions. I have only mentioned about 6 or 7 ads from a total of 4 sellers. I could have mentioned a hundred or so from a dozen sellers of just HP calculator stuff.

I will leave all of you alone with anything having to do with ebay from now on.

Be careful on ebay and always read everything closely.

Goodbye, and good luck.

Edited: 2 Jan 2007, 8:13 a.m.

Re: Goodbye - Olivier TREGER - 01-02-2007

Please read this post for further reference.

Re: Goodbye - Anon - 01-02-2007

If you call misinterpreting a fairly clear explanation of shipping costs and making a fuss over a measly £1.35 'helping' then maybe we are better of without your help.
Perhaps you should credit people who buy things off ebay with at least some intelligence. We are all adults. We can decide if something is worth the risk. It's our money.
We don't need someone to act as the ebay police (maybe you have your own motives for steering us away from certain sellers).

Re: Goodbye - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 01-02-2007

Well said, Anon!


(deleted post) - deleted - 01-02-2007

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Re: Goodbye - Fed up - 01-02-2007

I am saying goodbye. No need to keep attacking.

You said goodbye.
Now, actions speak louder than words...