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Any RPN printing calculators out there? - Ralph C. Buie - 08-03-2001

Hello ...

Over 20 years ago I bit the bullet and learned RPN. Now I can't use "standard" calculators! <g>

Does anyone know of a current (or recent and available) printing calculator that uses RPN? I'm accustomed to the 12C, but all of those features wouldn't be needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

TIA, Ralph

Re: Any RPN printing calculators out there? - Ron Ross - 08-03-2001

There are 3 RPN printing calculators still available, but all three use the IR printer with thermal paper. What this means is that these 3 calcs have an IR port.

They are:

48G series which has TVM and can download any program you might want.

Hp19B is a larger top of the line business calculator.

Hp17B is a pocket calculator with all the functions and more of the hp12c. It is great business calc. I don't know how long the batteries will last in print mode for this calculator though.

The 48g series uses 3 AAA,
The 19b uses 3 N size (shorter, but fatter AAA type batteries)
The Hp17 uses 3 small calculator batteries.

The external printer is $135 list and can usually be bought on e-bay for $40-70 fairly easily.

Re: Any RPN printing calculators out there? - David Smith - 08-03-2001

There is also the HP19C... a very nice little hald held unit with a built in printer. They can be had for a price... one just sold on Ebay for $455. One that was like new in a box went for $600. Others have gone for $200-$250 recently. If you can find one in that price range it is quite competitive with the modern (and much bulkier) solution. Then there is alway the HP97... portable, really nice, has a card reader, and can be had in the $75-$175 range quite easily.

Re: Any RPN printing calculators out there? - Randy Smith - 08-07-2001

Another solution might be to get a 41C and an 82143 thermal printer. It is a bit bulky, but it is a fast combo and not too expensive if you stick with the C and not CV or CX and fairly easy to find. However, if the 12C has too many features for you the 41 certainly will. You could also try finding a 42S and 82240 printer combo. This, however, is on the expensive side due to the 42S. As you can see, there are always options with the good "old" HPs.

Re: Any RPN printing calculators out there? - Rick Bensene - 08-26-2001

If you're looking for something vintage that meets
your criteria, try one of the Friden/Singer 1150-series calculators.

These were amazing old machines (late 1960's) that
used a four-level RPN stack, and a unique serial
electro-mechanical printer, all in one large desktop,
AC-powered unit. The machines used small and medium-scale
TTL and DTL integrated circuits for their logic.

Many people think that HP "invented" RPN for use in
calculators. Not so. Friden's first, the EC-130, was the first commercially-produced electronic calculator to use RPN logic, with a four-level stack fully visible on its CRT display. The EC-130 was introduced in 1963, years before
HP came out with the 9100A.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum