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Scanning anyone? I've got some goodies for you! - Gene - 12-05-2006

Is there anyone out there who has the time/ability/willingness to scan some more documents into PDF format?

Catch: It is a collection of some HP user library programs AND some TI PPX library programs. You can't just scan the HP ones. Not fair! :-)

Why do this? If we don't preserve the history of the HP and TI library programs, who will? And, yes, the TI materials are also worth preserving. No, really, they are.


HP programs included (all HP41C program listings include barcode)

HP41C Large Size Printing (banners), Library # 99956 (that's what it says) for HP41c. 73 pages!
HP41C Advanced Star Trek, Library # 99962, 53 pages
HP41C Orbital Parameters, # 502C, for HP41c. 15 pages
HP41C Space War - interactive, #655c, 12 pages
HP41C Almanac for computers: Power Series and Chebyshev expansions, #865C, 10 pages
HP41 Sunrise, Sunset, and Twilight from 1900, #508C, 20 pages

HP67 Classical Orbital Elements from Postion and velocity vectors, #504D, 6 pages
HP67 Orbit determination by the method of Gauss, #505D, 5 pages

Dark empire (TI PPX TI59 programs) :-)

Star Trek II, PPX 000018 ?, 3123 steps long! Whew! If only the card reader were reliable enough to read in all of it :-)
TI59 Memory Structure, PPX 908082, 6 pages
TI59 Space War, PPX 918047, 278 steps, 9 pages
TI59 Dungeons and Dragons, PPX 918121, 872 steps, 12 pages
TI59 Firmware by Palmer Hanson (yippee!), 25 pages
TI59 Space Attacker for young people, PPX 918309, 478 steps, 10 pages
TI59 Adventurer, PPX 918261, 625 steps, 12 pages
TI59 The Mansion, PPX 918215, 400 steps, 10 pages
TI59 Star Wars, PPX 918178, 2071 steps !!!!, 23 pages
TI59 Asteroid Attack, PPX 918238, 632 steps, 17 pages

So, anyone willing to do this? I'll ship these to you in return for PDF files from the scans.