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HP-97S Test connector - Erik Wahlin - 07-30-2001

Does anybody know if the HP-97S test connector was a standard item included with the HP-97S calculator? It is not clear from the original owner's manual if this was the cae.

Re: HP-97S Test connector - David Smith - 07-30-2001

I don not think it was. I bought a few of them new for some lab instrument controllers way back when and I dont remember any test connectors with them.

Re: HP-97S Test connector - Bruce Cohen - 07-31-2001

I think the test connector was shipped with every HP-97S along with an interface test program on a magnetic card.

I purchased one directly from HP to interface with a scale on a custom built check weigher and received a test connector with that unit. Later, I purchased two Karl Fischer Water Analyzers from Fisher Scientific which included HP-97S calculators as controlers. These both included the test connectors also.