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HP-10B repairable? - Mike (Stgt) - 11-28-2006

Got a quite used HP-10B -- a real one, not virtual or emulated <VBG> -- with some keys not acting as desined: the shift key shows the shift symbol _and_ a "1", a second hit shows 2.7 (from e^x of the shifted 1-key) but the shift symbol stays lit so I may hit the .-key to change decimal point with no need to use shift any more. The INPUT-key makes a 'knatsh'-sound as if it once got some Campari. The ON-key does not work at all.

What's your advice? Worth a try to repair or not?

Re: HP-10B repairable? - Randy - 11-28-2006

Well used? As in beaten up badly? If it has any loose, wobbling keytops, it's a lost cause. Loose keys on a 48/Pioneer = Paperweight.

What's the S/N? The noisy key is common on later Indonesian units.

If none of the above, it's probably a leaky keyboard. Might have something to do with the Campari. Several cycles in an ultrasonic cleaner in warm distilled water (sans batteries of course) might do the trick. Give it at least a day, two is better in a warm place to dry. It might return to useful status. Might not.

Re: HP-10B repairable? - Mike (Stgt) - 11-29-2006

Tnx 4 your reply. I'll give up as two keys or so are realy loose and get conatct only if I push them in a special direction. Darn! Even if it's a cheap, old calculator -- it was a Pioneer...


Re: HP-10B repairable? - Arnaud Amiel - 11-29-2006

I had a loose [5] key on my 48 and appart from that key being really loose it was working fine. Then one day it was not loose any more. Then one day a lorry rolled over it and it was gone...