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HP10 (Classic) Paper ? - Olivier TREGER - 11-25-2006


I'm looking for HP10 paper. Can anybody point me to a supplier, preferably not a store and rather a personal seller?


Edited: 25 Nov 2006, 6:28 a.m.

Re: HP10 (Classic) Paper ? - David Smith - 11-25-2006

Well, for stores most office supply stores like Staples have it in their catalog/warehouse but not stocked in the stores. The last time I bought it (at an Office Max) it took them a day to get it in. It is 1.5 inch / 38mm wide, preferably coreless (or at least not attached to the core).

If you are careful, you can also cut down wider rolls with a razor saw. I cut mine a little wide and then squared up the end with a table sander.

Re: HP10 (Classic) Paper ? - Olivier TREGER - 11-25-2006

Thanks for the advice, David

Re: HP10 (Classic) Paper ? - Ron - 11-25-2006

Cut ans sand... I love that solution!! 8^)

Re: HP10 (Classic) Paper ? - Olivier TREGER - 11-25-2006

What diameter is the roll supposed to be?