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hp 50g string to list conversion - Rich Messeder (US) - 11-11-2006

I have decided to try to use the SD card to interface with my Windows computer. I am currently using Conn4x to connect with the hp 49g+ and 50g, but wanted to avoid relying on using the cable.

I have menu lists that I can send via Conn4x and they work fine. I create them in an editor and format them so that they are easy for me to read (Unix-style LF, not LF-CR):

%%HP: T(3)A(D)F(.);

I was able to create a simple menu this way, copy it to SD card, and copy the file to the hp 50g.

I tried to use the STR-> command on the file directly, but to no avail.

I then edited the resultant string, removed the %% header and all line feeds. This worked for a simple list.

BUT I cannot get my longer lists to run. I suspect it may be because I am using stuff like
{"D\->R" D\->R}.
I get a syntax error. I looked in the HP 50g manual, and didn't find much on the STR-> command. I also searched the web, and came up empty.

What is my solution?

Re: hp 50g string to list conversion - James M. Prange (Michigan) - 11-11-2006

See http://www.hpcalc.org/search.php?query=%22ASCII+on+SD%22.


Re: hp 50g string to list conversion - Rich Messeder (US) - 11-13-2006

Thanks very much for that! I just ran a test of it on my hp 50g and it was successful. <smile>I'll be sure to thank the author when I see him!</smile>

Kindly and appreciatively yours,