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New facilities for getting BarCodes for HP 41 - Artur-Brazil - 10-20-2006

Hello, all HP users!
Some time ago, I invited all of you to check out some new facilities to save your programs for all comunity access.
Well, fot those who love HP41 and have a wand, I make a new possibility:

type in your sequence - a programm, a X-File, or simple HP41 commands. So, the page will translate them into a barcode sequence, as you were typing them into your HP. After that, print and read the sequence, a bit slower than programms barcodes, and from left to right, always (remember, they are the same key sequence you would use to input the sequence into HP).
I'll give the initial links, as the pages are in Portuguese, but, the barcode page is in English too, to facilitate your use.
Menu option PROGRAMAS: you will see a list with all programms already stored in the site. Choose one of them, any one, clicking on "VER" (see).
The programm listing is shown.
At the bottom of page, click on button CODIGO BARRAS.
It will appear another page, where you can paste or type in your code (one command per line, as in real HP 41). Change the language of instructions to English, if you prefer.
After that, select the type of sequence you just entered: programm/X-file and click on GENERATE buton.
The direct link is: eLibertas, although the left menu will not be shown.
If of interest, I may study to translate the rest of pages to English too...
By the way: the pages are still under test, ok? Give me a chance to correct any mistake!
Best regards,

Two errors detected - Artur-Brazil - 10-21-2006

Hi, I myself fount two errors: XEQ and GTO functions, that are are activating the alpha mode and adding strange caracters.
Also, I believe it will be necessary more space between command name and bar code...
Something to work on!

Errors fixed! - Artur-Brazil - 10-22-2006

Now the GOTO and XEQ work ok.