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hp 48 zippered cases - Charlie O. - 10-12-2006

I have 3 of these, a brown with a G and 2 gray with SX's. One case has a full size clear plastic insert about 1/8 inch thick with 1 1/2 inch of velcro? at one end. Is this an added feature? or are the other 2 cases just lacking? What is it's purpose?

Charlie O. in Phoenix

Re: hp 48 zippered cases - Randy - 10-12-2006

That would be called a crash guard. Stops most screen breakage, so long as you insert the calculator with the screen facing the velcro padding stuck to the plate.

Re: hp 48 zippered cases - Charlie O. - 10-24-2006

Did all 48's come with this shield or was it an option?

Re: hp 48 zippered cases - Wayne Brown - 10-24-2006

I'm not aware of any that came with this included; as far as I know, they always were third-party accessories, not anything "official" from HP. I bought similar shields from CalcPro for all my 48GX calculators a few years ago.