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Broken chip - Gonzalo Fernandez (Spain) - 10-02-2006

I have an HP41CV with a broken 14 pin DIP chip (1826-0566D RAYC, Power supply bipolar) Where can I find a replacement?


Re: Broken chip - Eric Smith - 10-02-2006

Generally only from another HP-41C or HP-41CV.

Re: Broken chip - Randy - 10-02-2006

Yes, only from another 41. Later units have 1826-0953-1 IC's. They can be used in older units by removing R2 (100k) and R3 (1M).

Re: Broken chip - Gonzalo Fernandez (Spain) - 10-03-2006

Do you have a spare 1826-0566D chip? I can exchange by RAM or ROM HP41 chips if interested.