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HP machines easter eggs - Easter egger - 09-20-2006

Anyone knowing HP easter eggs? A recent post been unconsidered.
I am interested too.
e.g. in HP42S, HP40G, HP49G+, HP50G, and so forth?


Re: HP machines easter eggs - Jean-Michel LECOINTRE - 09-20-2006

Have a look at my post of sept.-15th : "Mysterious cross words on HP-48GX : it's an easter egg !

Re: HP machines easter eggs - Eric Smith - 09-20-2006

You really don't want to put easter eggs (or any other eggs, for that matter) into your calculator. Sure, it's entertaining at first, but after a few hours the eggs dry out and make the keys tend to stick. Then when you need to use the calculator for your physics exam you get the wrong answers because you don't notice that the "3" key is stuck, you fail the course, and wind up at a dead-end job saying "would you like fries with that?"

Re: HP machines easter eggs - bill platt - 09-20-2006

"would you like fries with that?"

Ack. I hate it when that happens!

Re: HP machines easter eggs - Antonio Maschio (Italy) - 09-21-2006

It's true, it's true!

-- Antonio

Re: HP machines easter eggs - John - 09-21-2006

Here is the HP-87 Easter Egg: http://www.eeggs.com/tree/6965.html courtesy of a certain Everett Kaser.

Check out this site for other HP Easter Eggs.