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Full Version: Speed comparison HP200LX vs. HP17BII+ ???
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Can anybody pls. comment on speed of both solutions?

Reason: I'm considering to buy an HP200LX (a little bit late - I know ...)

- I see no hints on future HP product development towards a calculator equipped with a FINANCIAL solver, as capable as the 200LX/HP19B/HP17B, which ALSO would allow to load/save equations to & from the calculator (either by USB or SD/MMC).

- Because of the well-known SATURN end-of-life issue

- Also, each battery change so far (HP17BII+) has led to total memory loss - and I'm sure I didn't touch the ON key ...

- Until now, I didn't find a way to "emulate" the famous L() & G() constructs on my HP49G+

Best regards,
Peter A. Gebhardt

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I can't comment on the speed comparison,

but I'd go for the HP-17BII (NOT 17BII+),

because it's handy and reliable.

No memory loss problems when changing batteries on the 17BII.

If you need (nearly) all features of the financial calc

of the 200LX, like function plots,

then I'd go for the 19BII (NOT 19BII+),

preferrably the newer one with battery door on the back.



Hi Peter,

Can anybody pls. comment on speed of both solutions?

Reason: I'm considering to buy an HP200LX (a little bit late - I know ...)

I can't really comment on the relative speed. I've used (and continue to use) the HP-200LX for many years. If you do decide to go with the 200LX, you may want to try to find one that has the "Doublespeed" upgrade as well as one with memory upgrade.

And It's never too late to go with the 200LX. It's still the most useful palmtop DOS machine.


Thx. so far for your answers,

Sorry to say that neither the 17B or 19B are alternatives, because of RAM limits of the respective products.

In my work as a Financial Adviser & Planner I need a lot of financial equations for different areas & product categories eg. Statistics, Insurance, Real Estate, Funds etc. and want to store tables of information with text too.

So together with it's graphic capabilities the HP49G+/HP50G seems to be the best solution so far. The lack of a keyboard is compensated by it's connectivity to PC options.

Because it's all about (possible) migration:

I haven't tested a PocketPC w/PocketDOS & CPACK 100/200 HPCalc yet - does somebody have experience with this combination already?

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: Concerning 100LX/200LX questions I will use the HPLX discussion board.

The 200LX can be double-speeded by replacing the crystal with one that is exactly twice the frequency and using a special TSR. This works extremely well and has only a slight impact on battery life. The 200LX solver can also read/write 1-2-3 data from/to a 1-2-3 spreadsheet which adds substantial flexibility in financial and other calculations. (Here's a unreasonably complicated solver-spreadsheet thing I wrote to compute many decimal places of pi http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv014.cgi?read=49530)

Of course it is 2 or 3 times the size/weight of the 17BII+ but I don't think you can beat it for flexibility and easy of use. Although I don't have a 17BII+ to compare it to, my 200LX (double speed) appears to be about twice as fast as a 17BII (not +) on list-based IRR calculations, for example.

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The 200lx is a great machine, I have one. You might also consider the 100lx, as it probably has the functionality you want, and tends to sell at a good discount compared to the 200lx. I use my 100lx at work, so my 200lx could stay at home. so the 100lx is actually getting more use. I'll add that both run emu41lx, which allows use of the financial pack, etc.

If you are not satisfied with your 200LX -- I'll take it.