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Full Version: Mysterious cross words on HP-48GX
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Test this combination of keys on your HP-48 (mine is a GX one) and discover a secret grid of cross words hidden inside (various fornames) :


[right shift] ENTRY [right shift] ENTRY

(this turns the calculator into ALG PRG mode)

[alpha] [alpha] RULES [ALPHA] [ENTER]

and then appears on the screen these mysterious crosswords...

Funny !

(by the way, I was learning how to rearrange some symbolic expressions when I discovered this)

This is an easter egg, found also on the HP-49g+. It shows people names involved in the HP-48GX making.

-- Antonio

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This last easter egg doesn't work on my HP-49g+

nor on my 48G.

(and neither does FRIENDS btw; only the GX seems to have any ;-)


of course AMIGOS aren't related to the HP-48GX,

and this keyword easter egg isn't in the HP-48GX.

Maybe you meant the FHB (aka 49g;-)


Maybe, I haven't got neither the 48GX nor the 49G. I read news about these easter eggs in Educalc here, right for the 49G. Sorry.

-- Antonio

Now that we cleared the way, just for fun, do you know HP-49g+ easter eggs (I know: RULES, "HpMad" typed into any enter form that starts a fast Tetris, "MINEISBETTER" typed into EQW that pops up a slow Tetris)?

-- Antonio

Yes, I know, this is a serious Forum. But even engineers who design calculators (and have fun in hiding easter eggs) are serious! Aren't they?

does anyone know if "RULES" is the only one "easter egg" hidden in the HP-48GX ?

Actually, RULES is reported on the AUR for the HP-49g+, so it shouldn't be considered as an easter egg. I discovered it yesterday. I don't know what about the HP-48 family.

-- Antonio

Edited: 20 Sept 2006, 2:27 a.m.